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Melty Ice Cream Amigurumi – Test Crocheter Needed!

Hello all! I haven’t posted in forever! I’ve been super busy prepping for a craft show that I’m planning on attending – It’s in October, which seems far away, but each piece I make takes anywhere between 1- 6 hours to make! I’ll try to post more often, as I’ve been doing a lot of crafty stuff lately and would like to share it with you!

I’ve just finished this pattern, and I’m looking to find one or two more test crocheters to work through it and give me some feedback! You’ll get the pattern for free, and have a week to look for any typos, unclarity, formatting/visual issues, etc.

If you’re interested, just drop me a line at and I’ll email the pattern to you!

I only need one or possibly two people to try this pattern out and give me feedback, so first come first serve!


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