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Pokemaniac Forever!

I have always been a Pokemaniac. I can remember getting picked on in school for having Pokemon stuff, or people thinking it was weird that I had boxes and boxes of old Pokemon cards. When I was ten, I put sticky tack on the backs of all my duplicate Pokemon cards and postered my room with them, floor to ceiling. I watched the show, played the game, knew the stats. In short, I was obsessed.

Well, notย was. Iย am obsessed! It makes me so happy that younger generations are getting into Pokemon now, too, with Pokemon Go. It’s great that it’s the original 150 (I’m not a gen-one only person, but they’re the ones I grew up with and know everything about) and it’s something that everyone can talk about. I went to the zoo with a friend a few weeks back, and it was AWESOME hunting for Pokemon. Everyone came together and was so friendly – it was like, “You’re hunting for this Dratini? So am I. Let’s be buds and find them together. TEAM MYSSSSSSSTIC!” It’s amazing. It’s what I dreamed of as a child, staring at my Pokemon card wall in my room. Rather than being picked on for liking Pokemon, I was becoming more social and making friends through Pokemon.

Alright, I get it. This is a craft blog, and I’m getting all mushy-gushy on you. You’re here for the Pokeball pattern, right?

I thought it would be fun to make these, one in each color of the Pokemon Go teams, and share it. This pattern is pretty straight forward, and I really like the end result!

Pokeballย pattern available to download here!



I would really love to see how your project turns out, and know what team you’re on! Post a pic on here, or drop me a line in the comments, or snap a pic and tag me on Instagram @craftchampion

Happy crocheting, friends!


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